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17052Weapons of Mass Destruction and Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 11, 2010
      Well, I'll be displaying my hand made knives
      again at the Valley Forge Gun Show at the
      Valley Forge Convention Center this weekend.
      Thousands of "gun nuts" will be there to buy every type
      weapon that anyone could ever use. I also expect
      to be touching base with the many meditators who
      often stop by at the show to say hello and chat for
      a while. It's pretty interesting to be discussing Non-duality,
      higher states of consciousness and techniques for
      experiencing them, and other similar esoteric concepts
      in the midst of so much "how can we kill or be killed"
      energy. Oh well - that's part of why this time to be
      incarnated is so unique. Similarly, there will also
      be a baseball card show going on that will have Bob Feller,
      Carl Ripkin, Jim Palmer and lots of other baseball heroes.
      On Sunday, they will also have Eagle players. So I expect
      that we'll also see lots of examples of "I gotta have
      that-ism", not just from the gun/rifle/knife
      collectors, but from the many sports collectors. It's a
      "desire causes suffering" display that's a "detachment
      is the way to freedom from desire caused suffering"
      lesson that's obvious and illuminating.
      In any event, if you're in the area, Highest Power
      willing, I will be too, so stop in and say "What the
      heck is all this about" or whatever else you feel!
      BTW the knives can be seen at
      Peace and blessings,