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17026Re: Enlightenment Myths

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  • tarah513
    Feb 24, 2010
      Hello West...

      Thanks for your insight. Comments below.

      > > Faithe:
      > >
      > > To attempt to kill or not to kill the ego...is there any difference
      > > here?
      > >
      > My experience is if you try to kill the ego, it just pops up more
      strongly, but if one goes with not trying to kill the ego then suffering

      Could you please give me an example of the "suffering" which you say
      incurs when one does not try to kill the ego.

      > > Is there any difference between the "teacher" and the "seeker". Is
      > > the "teacher" just another person that is seeking to change another
      > > whether it be through repeating "lofty messages with hidden meaning"
      > > encouragement through offering comforting words to make one feel
      > > themselves?
      > >
      > > Could it be that the "teacher" is actually the "ultimate seeker" -
      > > seeking others in order to keep their own beliefs afloat within
      > > themselves?
      > >
      > My experience from the 1970s was the seekers were more evolved than
      the teachers. The teachers were in it for the power and money. However,
      I did find one teacher after I had meditated for 45 minutes per day on
      average for twenty-two years who had some real guidance for me at a
      crucial time.


      The term "more evolved" eludes me. Could you give me a description of
      one who is "more evolved"? Who is it that gets to determine whether one
      is "more evolved" than others?

      Is one who is "more evolved" able to write and speak better than others?
      Or, to be "more evolved" must one travel to the hills and live a life
      alone experimenting with one's belly button?

      > Well, the vast majority of people in India would agree with you
      completely, that the spiritual path is not for them, too hard to do at
      this time so why bother even thinking about it. Perhaps some other life
      time, maybe. This path is not something I can recommend to anyone,
      friend or foe. For me though, it is the most important thing in my life
      by far, the whole 40 years starting since I was 30. You are content so
      stay the course.


      The spiritual path is harder than living the mundane life? I beg to
      differ with you. My experience finds that those seeking spirituality are
      attempting to escape mundane life.

      Is there a thing --- an essence, if you will, that can really be
      identified as "spiritual"? Can it be that "spiritual" is a mind mirage
      as opposed to an optical mirage?

      You comment that I am content, so I should stay the course. That is not
      it at all. Basically, I am NOT content to run away from learning the
      hard lessons of the mundane life by jumping into a spiritual fantasy.

      Why is this quest for "spirituality" so important to you...I am musing
      here...just a rhetorical question.

      So different, we are. That is just the way it is. I respect your quest
      for a spiritual life...I just question what it is that makes you think
      it is so difficult.
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