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16990Crossing Guard Meditation

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  • Papajeff
    Feb 17, 2010
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      Crossing Guards

      They boldly strut into traffic
      Their saffron robes blazing
      Stop Sign in our face
      We choose to obey
      Screech to a halt and wait
      And if we will but wait
      These silent gurus
      Send us a daily message...

      With our minds going a hundred
      miles an hour, processing
      16,000 thoughts - ignoring
      all but 40 or so of them
      over and over and over, we
      find ourselves face-to-face
      with a 'teacher' who says,


      But we can't find the brakes -
      not for the internal infernal


      The brakes are in the breath.
      Gently apply them by following
      the flow of breath.

      Watch the children cross.
      Hear their laughter. and
      connect with their lightness
      of spirit.

      Connect..and you may
      suddenly cross over
      to a new way of being.

      OK, now you can go.

      One Love,