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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 14, 2010
      sean tremblay <bethjams9@...> wrote:
      > A question about charity
      > Do we do it because some people need help or do we give because of it benefits us directly.  I think intention counts for something
      Yo Sean
      In the Hindu tradition, there are only 3
      types of actions /energies (Gunas):
      Tamas – which is characterized such adverbs
      and adjectives as darkness, doing things by
      rote, evil, negativity, solely for ego reasons,
      dull, sluggish, inertia, stagnation, selfish, etc.
      Ragas – chasing after desires for greedy reasons,
      creativeness, passion, competitiveness, ambition,
      stimulation; much like Tamas but at least there
      is energetic activity.
      Sattva – peace, serenity, calm, selfless, compassionate,
      and if we say that Tamas is dark, Sattva is light.
      In our classes, dozens of times I gave this example:
      If a community decides to build a gymnasium for the
      neighborhood children so they have a safe place to
      play, all types of people may agree that this is
      a good thing to do. But they may have different
      reasons why they contribute to this project:
      The Tamasic person may give $1000 because his family
      always gave to similar causes.
      The Rajasic person may give $1000 but insist
      the gym is named after them.
      The Sattvic person would donate $1000 anonymously
      just because it helps a good thing to happen.
      So we can see that all the donations may be labeled
      acts of charity, but come from different motivating
      The way to "use" the Gunas concept is to place our
      Self in the Witness position and when we see ourselves
      acting Tamasic or Rajasic, use the methods you have
      found to be successful to kick it up into Sattva.
      Meditation is excellent for Witnessing and as a tool of transformation of energies to Sattva.
      Thinking of the question of "where does Charity
      originate from", I'm reminded about a bit of wisdom
      that Sri Jody R once stated (that I think was never refuted):
      to paraphrase….
      "All the things we do are done to seek comfort".
      Similarly, I think it was Kir Li Molari who said:
      "The most selfish person is the most selfless person,
      because s/he knows that by being selfless you gain
      the greatest benefit."
      These and many similar ideas are well worth meditating about.
      Peace and blessings,
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