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16972Effortless Effort

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 13, 2010
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      Sometimes we hear that there is no need
      for meditation, acts of charity, devotion
      or prayer, and so on, because we are already
      enlightened. This is often accompanied by
      the suggestion that meditation and other
      type efforts are actually stumbling blocks
      to experiencing the bliss that is ever present.
      But when we look closely at who makes these
      kind of statements, it is often someone who
      is just parroting something they heard someone
      else, whom they consider Enlightened say, but
      they themselves are no further along on the
      path to enlightenment than anyone else. They
      have just heard the words, and as it is said
      "can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk".
      Or it may even come from an Enlightened being,
      but invariably, they have themselves meditated,
      done service, self-inquiry, and other types
      of efforts before attaining the state of
      effortlessness that Enlightenment is. Sri
      Swami Chidananda, the President of the Divine
      Light Society, has given us an illuminating
      illustration of the way to understand the
      need for effort:
      "It is as if a poor man is living over a
      treasure. One day a sage tells him that ten
      feet under the small plot of land where he is
      sitting, a treasure is buried. That means that
      the poor man is actually very wealthy. But
      until he digs down those ten feet, he is as
      poor a man as he ever was. Even if he digs
      9 feet 11 inches, he is still poor. It is only
      when he has dug the full ten feet and puts his
      hands on the treasure that he is wealthy beyond
      his fondest dreams."
      So, we should understand that you'll never get
      rich waiting for money to just place itself in
      your pockets, and making a great effort is an
      appropriate way to succeed. For some, the effort
      will be by meditating, for others, asking who
      is doing the shoveling, and for others, asking
      what exactly is the shovel. We all have our
      own hole to dig. And as the jazz lovers would
      say, "Can you dig it?"
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