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16961Childlike Lightness of Spirit

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  • Papajeff
    Feb 4, 2010
      Sean Tremblay used this
      phrase in a post some
      time ago, and it keeps
      coming to mind. For me,
      it precisely captures one
      of the real benefits that
      meditation can yield...

      And it inspired this post
      from my meditation group:

      You will notice as you
      progress with meditation
      practice - from practice
      to the "full-time"
      meditative life, that
      a certain lightness of
      spirit that we enjoyed
      as children begins to
      show up more and more

      When we approach life
      with an inner quiet
      awareness and meet each
      "task" as a meditative
      opportunity, we begin
      to appreciate the warm
      water and the soap bubbles
      when we wash the dishes,
      the loops we create when
      we tie our shoes, the
      sheer joy of a hot shower
      or a cool rain...

      with a childlike delight -
      once we attune to how
      wonderful it is it be
      alive and to be a field
      of joyful sensations.

      Meditation can and will
      bring us to that beautiful
      way of being - the delight
      of being just who we are,
      and with grace, the very
      presence of the divine
      will roll in and bring
      peace that passes (rational)
      understanding and a joy
      that is too marvelous
      for words.

      One Marvelous Love,

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