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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 16, 2010
      Yo Aideen,
      Interesting hope-giving, literally "real LIFE"
      sharing! Another thing that segues perfectly
      with the Cancer techniques is the use of affirmations.
      Louise Hay has been sharing these for decades and
      thousands of people have seemingly benefited. If I remember
      correctly, she had a terminal diagnosis and was
      only given months to live. 3 or 4 decades later has
      shown that her use of affirmations surely didn't
      hurt and in fact may be the singular factor in her
      ongoing good health. I think she also encourages
      using affirmations for "prosperity" that is directed
      towards acquiring riches materially, but I have no
      confidence that that will produce peace in one's life.
      I do know that good health is a very appropriate
      spiritual "good thing". "Bad" health can also be a
      good thing if we learn from it, but when one has
      gotten the message, it's time to move towards those
      things that don't distract us from being at peace. And
      in 3 decades of being an RN and 4 of sharing meditation
      concepts and techniques, I have yet to hear someone
      complain that "my good health is taking my peace away"!!!
      Thanks for sharing.
      Peace and blessings,

      "Aideen Mckenna" <aideenmck@...> wrote:
      > Many years ago, I knew of a man in my city who was diagnosed with an
      > inoperable cancerous brain tumour. The doctors told him that he had less
      > than 5 months to live, but recommended radiation treatment as well as
      > chemotherapy. He was given a date for the first radiation treatment but he
      > asked them to postpone it for a couple of days because he wanted time to
      > prepare. They thought he was crazy. He used those 2 days to visualize. He
      > also asked a lot of questions about how the chemotherapy worked & he applied
      > visualization techniques before, during & after those treatments too. This
      > was in the era of "Pacman" & Bill visualized chemo-Pacmen gobbling up the
      > cancer cells. The tumour had been growing rapidly, but tests showed that it
      > was beginning to shrink at a rate the medical types couldn't believe.
      > Eventually it was a mere pinpoint, all but gone.
      > Throughout Bill's ordeal, he came in for much disrespect & ridicule in the
      > hospitals & doctors' offices. His relatives (whom I knew) considered him an
      > embarrassment to the family. Apparently no one believed that a person could
      > aid in his own healing - a sensible person was supposed to be a passive
      > recipient of the treatments, without wasting everyone's time with questions
      > & delays for "preparation". He lived with the tumour for a couple of
      > decades. It would begin to grow every so often, & Claude would rev up his
      > visualizations to shrink it again. Eventually, the doctors were less
      > inclined to make fun of him. When he died (of something else), it was a
      > peaceful, happy event, because he was prepared & accepting. I wish I'd
      > known him personally. He'd figured all this out for himself.
      > _____
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      > medit8ionsociety
      > Sent: January-15-10 7:48 PM
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      > Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Cancer
      > Cancer is a wonderful equal opportunity
      > provider. There may be no more powerful
      > facts of life teacher. The choices of how
      > to respond to it physically are usually between
      > surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The
      > beneficial effect these have can be hampered
      > by the stress of worry, fear, obsessive thoughts,
      > and energy squandered in negativity. Medical
      > science has produced a large body of work that
      > proves that it is most advantageous to cease
      > doing those things that continue to cause stress
      > and begin doing those things that promote the
      > optimum functioning of the immune and healing
      > systems. Changing to a healthy diet, exercising,
      > and other "alternate healing" methods are gaining
      > respectability in the orthodox medical community,
      > but none more than meditation. This ancient
      > practice has been shown to be a tremendous tool
      > for healing. There is no better way to undo the
      > negative reactions on the body, mind, and emotions
      > that are produced by the adrenaline release fear,
      > anger, and worry invariably precipitate. The
      > endorphin release that comes with meditation
      > properly primes the mind and emotions in a way
      > that will let the body do its healing most
      > advantageously. With that in mind, the following
      > technique is offered in the hope that it will set
      > the stage for a complete cure. It is aimed at
      > those warriors blessed with the chance to do
      > battle against this terrible dragon armed with
      > the weaponry of either surgery, radiation,
      > chemotherapy, or some combination of them.
      > Position yourself in whatever posture you have
      > found most condusive to concentration. Think
      > about each of the procedures that you will be
      > going through in as great detail as you can.
      > Visualize them relative to the maximum benefit
      > they will bring you.
      > In your minds eye, see the surgical procedure
      > removing 100% of the cancerous tissue. See healthy
      > cells growing and repairing the area. See yourself
      > whole and healthy.
      > Visualize radiation passing through your body,
      > frying any cancerous or precancerous cells. See
      > new healthy cells evolve and multiply. See yourself
      > whole and healthy.
      > See chemotherapy molecules traveling through
      > your bloodstream attacking and killing all the
      > aberrant cells. See healthy cells swarming to
      > the affected area and bring healing. See yourself
      > whole and healthy.
      > As well as visualizing the physical healing
      > processes, feel your self-love and deep inner
      > desire for good health fill and heal you emotionally
      > and mentally. This effort will stimulate and
      > allow your immune system to do its job unimpeded
      > by the damage that unchecked negativity brings.
      > Most of all, know your Self to be the unchangeable,
      > eternal universal divine consciousness that is
      > transcendent of your body, mind, or emotions,
      > and live happily ever after.
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