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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 15, 2010
      Cancer is a wonderful equal opportunity
      provider. There may be no more powerful
      facts of life teacher. The choices of how
      to respond to it physically are usually between
      surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The
      beneficial effect these have can be hampered
      by the stress of worry, fear, obsessive thoughts,
      and energy squandered in negativity. Medical
      science has produced a large body of work that
      proves that it is most advantageous to cease
      doing those things that continue to cause stress
      and begin doing those things that promote the
      optimum functioning of the immune and healing
      systems. Changing to a healthy diet, exercising,
      and other "alternate healing" methods are gaining
      respectability in the orthodox medical community,
      but none more than meditation. This ancient
      practice has been shown to be a tremendous tool
      for healing. There is no better way to undo the
      negative reactions on the body, mind, and emotions
      that are produced by the adrenaline release fear,
      anger, and worry invariably precipitate. The
      endorphin release that comes with meditation
      properly primes the mind and emotions in a way
      that will let the body do its healing most
      advantageously. With that in mind, the following
      technique is offered in the hope that it will set
      the stage for a complete cure. It is aimed at
      those warriors blessed with the chance to do
      battle against this terrible dragon armed with
      the weaponry of either surgery, radiation,
      chemotherapy, or some combination of them.

      Position yourself in whatever posture you have
      found most condusive to concentration. Think
      about each of the procedures that you will be
      going through in as great detail as you can.
      Visualize them relative to the maximum benefit
      they will bring you.

      In your minds eye, see the surgical procedure
      removing 100% of the cancerous tissue. See healthy
      cells growing and repairing the area. See yourself
      whole and healthy.

      Visualize radiation passing through your body,
      frying any cancerous or precancerous cells. See
      new healthy cells evolve and multiply. See yourself
      whole and healthy.

      See chemotherapy molecules traveling through
      your bloodstream attacking and killing all the
      aberrant cells. See healthy cells swarming to
      the affected area and bring healing. See yourself
      whole and healthy.

      As well as visualizing the physical healing
      processes, feel your self-love and deep inner
      desire for good health fill and heal you emotionally
      and mentally. This effort will stimulate and
      allow your immune system to do its job unimpeded
      by the damage that unchecked negativity brings.

      Most of all, know your Self to be the unchangeable,
      eternal universal divine consciousness that is
      transcendent of your body, mind, or emotions,
      and live happily ever after.
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