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16922Re: [Meditation Society of America] God's MLM program

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  • Jeremy King
    Jan 6, 2010
      Thank you Jeff, that was very amazing!

      Can I *republish* this on our site ( http://www.silvercordcafe.com )? and if so, who can I credit for it, did you write it?

      Thanks and blessings!


      On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 7:24 AM, Papajeff <jeff@...> wrote:

      One of the innumerable
      benefits of the authentic
      mystical experience of
      awakening is the clarity
      and universally shared
      perspective that awakening
      to our true nature - our
      oneness within the Divine
      Presence of a God of Love
      - is the destiny of all

      This drives the "choiceless
      imperative" of all who have
      been graced with enlightenment
      to write, speak, and point
      to this truth that is known
      and felt so deeply by the mystic.

      And those who resonate with
      the words and "teachings" of
      the mystics and come to their
      own awakening, spread the
      "good news", now driven by
      their choiceless imperative.

      This is God's multi-level
      marketing plan to bring peace
      on earth and goodwill toward

      As organized religions are
      more and more populated
      with mystics, the more the
      melting pot effect of blending
      religions to their shared core
      of truth will take place.

      Members of organized religions
      will not have to leave their
      cultural traditions - only
      their exclusive club mentality,
      as they recognize that their
      "organization" is their unique
      paradigm or model for expressing
      their relationship with God,
      and that the core truth that
      God can be known through different
      paths by direct, personal,
      undeniable experience will be
      shared by all (now mystical)

      This is God's multi-level
      marketing plan.

      One Love,


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