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  • WestWindWood
    Dec 9, 2009
      I have also had kidney stones. Next time you get a kidney stone filter all your urine and have the stone sent to a lab to determine what kind you have. For all that pain you will be surprised on how small the stone is, about the size of a grain of sand. Calcium oxalate is the most common, about four out of five.  If oxalate, then avoid rhubarb, spinach, strawberries, chocolate, wheat bran, nuts (peanuts, almonds especially) beets and tea. Also, the citrate and other unknown items in orange juice help dissolve oxalate stones so have a glass with your meals. There is a lot of information online on kidney stones, but only use the most recent findings as the knowledge changes fast on this health issue. Google has an advanced option to show only the most recent web sites. By the way, it is my experience that meditation helps deal with intense pain.

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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] meditator
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      Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 1:34 PM


      I had a kidney stone on at around 1 year back, and I have gone through the evere pain. I had  taked the medicines and since 6-7 months there in no pain at all and I was able to do all my works.

      SO, recently I started meditation (chakra meditation) since 1 month. Since few days I am again feeling  same pain during meditation in my kidney, and the pain is felt throughout day somewhat.

      My I please know wht could  be the reason. Is it healing the stone or
      Should i stop meditation.

      Thanksin advanse

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