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16876Re: [Meditation Society of America] new to meditation.

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  • Sandeep
    Nov 27, 2009

      Yoo hoo Devin.


      hitedevin88 wrote:

      actually VERY new i plan on starting tomorrow.


      Why not this very moment, as these squiggly signs on a PC screen are getting read?

      Tomorrow does not exist.

      Whenever you will meet tomorrow........... it will only be now.

      Even the recall of the past .......is in the now.........is the now.


      i need some advice/help.


      Run from all advisers and helpers.


      is it better to listen to relaxing music? my household is kindof eratic.


      Neither listening to music (rap or trance or lullabies) is better.

      Nor refraining from listening to music is better.

      The erratic-ness of your surrounding is the best.


      i am 20 years old. have anxiety.


      About what?

      Remember .........today is your yesterday's worst fears of what tomorrow will look like.


      i would like some advice. what to wear.


      Preferably totally naked.

      Both physically and mentally.

      If that is an issue........loose wrappings which do not cling.......physically or mentally.


      good books to read.


      Why clutter?


      good music to listen to.


      You may find something to your liking at:


      While you are it, you can start with the beginning (which is the very end) at:


      I get 5 cents(US) for every new visitor to the site.

      Unfortunately the thieving bums never placed a counter at the site.


      just some help.

      by the way, my name is devin.
      pleasure to meet everyone.

      Hi Devin.


      Have fun.

      And be C&L (Cool and loose)

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