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16869Swami Sivananda on Deifying Matter

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 22, 2009

      "You admire the little electric lamp on your table;
      have you learnt to admire the glorious sun which
      sheds light in the whole universe?

      "You admire a bottle of French perfume; have you
      learnt to admire the fragrance of the rose and

      "You admire the paintings of artists and the little
      toys made by craftsmen; have you ever thought of the
      beautiful creation of the Lord--this earth itself,
      which is only an infinitesimal part of His creation?

      "You glorify the little man who builds a small
      swimming pool; can you glorify adequately the Lord
      for His creation of oceans, lakes and rivers?

      "You deify the sculptor who carves some figures on
      stones; you deify the scientist for his superficial
      knowledge of the inner human mechanism. Think of the
      exquisite creation of God--the marvelous human body.
      Can all the scientists in the world ever produce a
      human being?

      "The intelligence with which scientists have invented
      so many things is itself a spark of the Divine. Man
      is a drop in the ocean of Consciousness. His ego is a
      point in the limitless Truth of Existence."

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