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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 19 6:01 AM
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      Is it just me and my being unfamiliar with
      these venues, or are they the biggest ego
      tripping ever? I do have a Facebook account
      and only got that to be able to see what
      Sean was doing when he was in Afghanistan,
      and use it now pretty much just for seeing new
      pics of my grandchildren. But when I check it
      out elsewise, it seems to be just mindless mind chatter
      and if that's all it is, I can just let my own
      mind run wild and witness the non-sense. And
      from what I hear about Twitter, that's even a
      worse deregulation of valueless ranting. I do
      know a few people who have worthy content with
      all they share and I'm sure it is well worth
      the intake of their thoughts, but I expect they
      represent less than 1% of 1% of what's happening
      on Twit/Face. To get a little more unneeded wordy
      myself, I'll share that it seems this stuff helps
      keep people in illusion and delusion and helps do what
      Gurdjieff labeled "feed the moon". One of his concepts
      stated that when "common" people die, their energy
      floats up and get pulled to the moon and is used
      by the moon for food for its own evolution. Further,
      in this theory, the moon is becoming a planet, and
      the Earth will evolve into a star and the solar
      system will become a galaxy and the galaxy will become
      a galactic cluster, and the galactic cluster will
      evolve into a universe. And just last week, they
      found water on the moon! Anyway, this all is just
      an example of what Kir Li Molari called "Words! Words!
      Words! and probably have no greater value than anything
      being Twitted in this same "Now". So I suggest stopping
      the outpouring and sitting back in a meditative Witness
      position and silently observe whats coming in and what's
      always inside. And that'll help you use your own energy
      for your own evolution into a fully "spiritually developed"
      Human Being.
      Peace and blessings,