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16854Arabian Wisdom - Ignorance

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 6, 2009
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      Arabian Wisdom, by John Wortabet, [1913]
      Found at sacred-texts.com

      Ignorance, Folly

      Ignorance is the greatest poverty.

      Ignorance is death in life.

      There is no evil so great as ignorance.

      Folly is an incurable disease.

      A foolish man is like an old garment, which if
      you patch it in one place becomes rent in many
      other places.

      It is just as allowable to blame a blind man for
      want of sight as to blame a fool for his folly.

      To bear the folly of a fool is indeed a great hardship.

      The best way to treat a fool is to shun him.

      The fool is an enemy to himself—how can he then
      be a friend to others?

      An ignorant man is highly favoured, for he casts
      away the burden of life, and does not vex his soul
      with thoughts of time and eternity.

      The most effectual preacher to a man is himself.
      A man never turns away from his passions unless
      the rebuke comes from himself to himself
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