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16834Features of a Mystical Experience

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 13 9:31 PM
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      I'm not sure if I wrote this or someone else
      did. If it was me, I don't really care, but
      if it was someone else, I'd like to credit
      them properly. So if you know where this came
      from, please let me know. In any event, Enjoy!
      Features of a Mystical Experience

      The three pillars of self, time, and space all
      undergo profound transfiguration in a mystical

      There no longer is any separation between the
      self and what is not the self. Personal identity
      and all of existence become one and the same. In fact,
      there is no "personal" identity because we understand
      at the most basic level the underlying unity
      and interdependence of all existence.

      Past, present, and future merge together
      into a timeless moment, the now of eternity. Time
      stops, in as much as it no longer "passes." There is
      existence, but it is not dependent upon time. Now
      and then, before and after, all combine into
      this exact point. On the relative level, short
      periods of time encompass enormous amounts of experience.

      As our self and time lose their boundaries,
      space becomes vast. Like time, space is no longer
      here or there but everywhere, limitless, without edges.
      Here and there are the same. It is all here.

      In this infinitely vast time and space with
      no limited self, we hold up to examination all
      contradictions and paradoxes and see they no longer
      conflict. We can hold, absorb, and accept
      everything our mind conjures up:
      good and evil, suffering and happiness,
      small and large. We now are certain
      that consciousness continues after the body
      dies, and that it existed long before this particular
      physical form. We see the entire universe in a blade
      of grass and know what our face was like
      before our parents met.

      Extraordinarily powerful feelings surge through
      our consciousness. We are ecstatic, and the
      intensity of this joy is such that our body
      cannot contain it - it seems to need a temporarily
      disembodied state. While the bliss is
      pervasive, there's also an underlying peace
      and equanimity that's not affected by even
      this incredibly profound happiness.

      There is a searing sense of the sacred and
      the holy. We contact an unchanging, unborn,
      undying, and uncreated reality. It is a personal
      encounter with the "Big Bang," God, Cosmic
      Consciousness, the source of all being. Whatever
      we call it, we know we have met the fundamental
      bedrock and fountainhead of existence, one that
      emanates love, wisdom, and power on an
      unimaginable scale.

      We call it "enlightenment" because we encounter
      the white light of creation's majesty. We may
      meet guides, angels, or other disembodied
      spirits, but we pass them all as we merge with
      the light. Our eyes now, finally, are truly open,
      and we see things clearly in a "new light."

      The import and momentousness of the experience
      stands alone in our history. It may serve to focus
      the rest of our life toward the completion, filling
      out, and working through of the insights obtained.
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