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16830Kir Li Molari quotes refound

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 10, 2009
      Found in "My Documents" for 6/2001:

      Cease seeking completely.
      You are already complete.

      Find yourself to be a precious diamond
      and simply laugh at ever having thought
      that who you really are is the coal dust
      that it was hidden in.

      Spiritually, the only remotely desirable
      desire is to be desire-less

      Without name and fame you can live famously.

      *Don't believe it when others find you believable.

      You know you can't act. Act unreactivly.

      Be passionate dispassionately.

      Seek and ye shall find that you need not seek
      anymore than a fish in the ocean needs to seek water.

      My fingernail gets cut off.
      So what?! I still live.
      My body dies.
      So what?! I still live.

      To be or not to be? There is no question. Be!

      The end of salivation is the beginning of salvation.

      A real spiritual teacher gives help and hope with
      the hopeless task we are helpless in doing.

      God witnesses creation through her eyes and I's.
      God witnesses creation through his eyes and I's.
      God witnesses creation through my eyes and I's.
      God witnesses creation.
      God witnesses.

      Everything and nothing is inevitable.

      Where there is awe, laughter and
      bliss, there is no chattering mind.
      Where there is no chattering mind,
      the Highest can be heard.