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168Ego, Infinity, Guilt

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 18, 2002
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      Meditation is the tool that allows us to
      transcend the finite and know the infinite, not just
      speculate about them. Meditation is a conscious moment of
      awareness. Sometimes, as beginners, we may only sustain our
      attention for a few moments at a time, but with practice,
      we will be able to concentrate for longer and longer
      periods. This will lead to your merging with the object of
      your meditation (contemplation). And you will know and
      not just theorize, act and not just react. <br>When
      we realize that we have done something negative,
      like letting people walk all over us, or become angry,
      or feel guilt, and so on, it need not be considered
      as a "bad" thing. In fact, this is how we learn and
      grow. Virtually everything that causes us to suffer
      offers us an opportunity for insight that we can use in
      the future when similar situations arise (and they
      will). <br>The more we meditate, the more we will be in
      touch with the eternal inner Witness that is our Real
      Self. This awareness is ever present, and the greatest
      present is to be at one with this silent consciousness.
      Our Ego situation changes constantly, and is
      demonstrated by our ever-changing inner chatter. Invariably,
      the chatter becomes a source of suffering. The more
      we attach to the Witness, the more inner silence we
      will experience, and the more the universe will fill
      us with wisdom, serenity and bliss.
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