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16781Swami Sivananda on Truth and God

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 2, 2009
      It is often my feeling that the hardest meditation
      technique is to refrain from demonstrating negativity
      in words or actions. But perhaps just as hard is to
      always be truthful. Here Swami Sivananda shares his
      thoughts on truth. I think it is well worth
      honestly, truthfully analyzing oneself to see
      how our life flows with truth.

      "God is truth. He can be realized by speaking
      truth and observing truth in thought, word
      and deed. Truthfulness, equality, self-control,
      absence of envious emulation, forgiveness,
      modesty, endurance, absence of jealousy, charity,
      thoughtfulness, disinterested philanthropy,
      self-possession, and unceasing and compassionate
      harmlessness, are the thirteen forms of truth."
      Swami Sivananda
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