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16774RE: [Meditation Society of America] Welcome Back Sean

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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Aug 30, 2009

      What he said.



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      Yo Sean,
      It's so very good that you are not in
      Afghanistan anymore. And it's not good
      that you are no longer there. Using the
      definition of "good" as that which
      brings peace, you were doing such an excellent
      job there of spreading peace and harmony that
      you will surely be missed. Similarly
      it's also good that you are back here now
      and can share your positive vibrations
      from home. There is no doubt that not being
      in the most violent environment in the
      world is a good thing, but I can only
      hope that those still there will continue
      spreading the unity of all mankind attitude
      that you demonstrated so well while there.
      I am confident that the tolerance and
      humanity you showed to the people of
      Afghanistan were examples of America at
      its best, and can translate into a better
      future for all in that area than any
      weapons could possibly do. Thanks for all
      you have done, and I look forward to the
      further adventures you will have as your
      "real" life is better than any fiction story
      ever told.
      Peace and blessings,

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