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16769Re: Meditate to Achieve Your Ideal Weight

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 29, 2009
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      "mindgoal" <jeff@...> wrote:
      > Take a stroll with a mystic
      > life/career coach...
      > If weight control is not an
      > issue for you, good for you.
      > But you may want to read on.
      > You may just find something
      > of value, or at least of
      > interest to consider for your
      > stroll through life in general,
      > or something that relates to a
      > specific goal or concern.
      > (We'll come back in another
      > post to talk about the
      > "polymorphic" mind that sees
      > parallels in seemingly
      > disparate stories.)
      > Now, how in the world could
      > meditation help anyone with
      > a weight issue?
      > Well, here's the premise:
      > When we meditate, we quiet
      > the mind - slow down and
      > eventually silence the inner
      > chatter - at least for a
      > few moments in our early
      > meditation.
      > By slowing down the 'brain
      > activity' we reduce the
      > demand for sugar-rich oxygen
      > that the brain makes on
      > our system in order to
      > facilitate all the internal
      > chatter.
      > The brain; that is, the
      > thinking rational linear
      > processing center of the
      > brain is THE big sugar-
      > energy consumer of our
      > entire physiology.
      > When the energy system
      > (of our body) needs less
      > fuel (sugar), our breathing
      > rate slows down, our heart
      > rate slows down, and our
      > blood pressure lowers.
      > OK, that's easy. Now we
      > move into a little more
      > cosmic view to lay down
      > the whole premise...
      > The thinking mind (some
      > say our thinking self)
      > goes quiet, oxygen/sugar
      > demand goes down, our
      > system slows down...
      > and so, we need less
      > food (fuel). But that's
      > only part of the story.
      > When the thinking mind
      > goes quiet, something
      > stirs within us - something
      > intuitive and subtle.
      > When the chatter stops,
      > and all the critical
      > analyzing stops, and all
      > the flashbacks to the past
      > and projection into many
      > possible futures no longer
      > appear on the screen of
      > our mind...out of the
      > silence...
      > our intuitive mind, our
      > right brain - the part
      > of us that lives only in
      > the pristine perfect
      > moment-to-moment without
      > reflection or projection
      > - can pop up.
      > And when it does...
      > WOW! We hear a wisdom
      > whisper from the very
      > heart of our pure being.
      > It comes as a startling
      > rush of non-verbal new
      > wisdom - a feeling, a
      > knowing that we may have
      > long sense forgotten.
      > (Relevant side note: the
      > left brain is verbal, but
      > does not 'know' what the
      > right brain 'knows' about
      > the pristine pure and perfect
      > present moment and what it
      > contains. The right brain
      > knows our true home and
      > the truth of our pure
      > being - that exists wholly
      > and completely in the
      > very presence and residence
      > of - for lack of a better
      > term - God...but...
      > it is non-verbal and does
      > not 'speak' in any language
      > other than the language
      > of the heart.)
      > When we 'hear' the wisdom
      > whisper, even for a brief
      > flash of a moment, something
      > changes within us. Our sense
      > of personal identity shifts.
      > Some fortunate ones hear
      > the wisdom whisper with
      > such crystal clarity that
      > they, in a sense, permanently
      > move out of the left brain
      > identity and shift from ego
      > awareness as their primary
      > awareness to, from then on,
      > to view the ego - the rational
      > process and sensory apparatus;
      > that is, the world and their
      > world view - as a secondary
      > identity. They no longer live
      > in the thinking self - they
      > only visit when necessary.
      > Their primary identity is
      > consistently in the pristine
      > and pure present moment.
      > They are the awakened and
      > enlightened ones.
      > With this identity shift -
      > either briefly or permanently,
      > we view our world differently
      > and suddenly find ourselves
      > much more self reliant.
      > We have abandoned the shallow
      > end, and the God of What-Will-
      > Other-People-Think and find
      > a new deep trust in our own
      > judgment and ability to make
      > good decisons.
      > Emotional baggage empties
      > like a sprung lock on a suitcase
      > and the 'junk' we've been
      > carrying around for years
      > (sometimes many, many years)
      > empties.
      > We feel light and free, and
      > find delight in life that we
      > had lost sight of somewhere
      > down the line. A renewed
      > sense of compassion and
      > kindness and a gentle,
      > non-judgmental 'Self'
      > emerges. And it is good!
      > And with all of this, we
      > effortlessly begin to make
      > healthy food choices and, as
      > if by magic, move toward our
      > ideal weight as determined
      > by the renewed inner wisdom
      > we have tapping into...
      > while meditating.
      > One loving health bar,
      > Jeff
      Yo Papajeff,
      Interesting, BUT...
      Studies have shown that the right-left
      brain operations are not the significant
      parts of the meditative experience. Below
      I've copied the URL of one of many studies
      that demonstrate that pre-frontal cortex
      stimulation and increased basal ganglia
      and "Decreased activity in the gyrus
      occipitlis superior and the anterior
      cingulated..." lead to "... a state of
      mind, which may have resemblances to
      the experience of an enlightened state,
      where time and place limits have
      disappeared, and a great feeling of
      love/unity is experienced."

      Similarly, I feel that a balance in the
      right and left brain activity is the key
      to being in a "well-balanced" state where
      neither our mind chatter or our emotions
      are causing reactivity.

      This fits with the first step in the
      path of Raja (Meditation) Yoga. Dispassion
      and Discrimination. Don't let your emotions
      be overly high or low, and recognize the
      difference between the temporary and the
      eternal and the real and the unreal.

      And that happens when one is in the Witness position,
      just silently observing What Is and not having one's s
      focus carried away by physical, mental, or emotional
      reactivity. There is no doubt that extreme
      emotional/left brain activity can be a
      precursor to impressive experiences, as can happen
      during religious initiation methodologies. This can also
      occur with a right brain/mental rush (as drugs can produce),
      but the silence that speaks divinely is heard
      while in the heart, third eye and 1000 petal
      lotus chakras... all centrally positioned,
      neither left or right brained. So, perhaps we can say
      that one's right brain or left brain being energized,
      silenced, or controlled, let loose, or whatever ...
      is not any more desirable spiritually-function-wise,
      and that's a "no brainer!".
      Or not.
      Peace and blessings,

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