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16741Re: [Meditation Society of America] Harvard Medical catching up with yogis

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  • WestWindWood
    Jul 30, 2009

      I would like to comment a little more.  My previous message is the way I actively approach an illness.  I would also say that just meditating without a medical issue does calm a person and relieve the chaos in the mind that occurs from normal living.  I am sure that relieving that stress would make for a healthier person.  Try meditating and you will observe that after about twenty minutes, all those feelings that are banging around will settle down and you will be aware of your central dominant feeling.  Meditate another twenty minutes and that will settle also.  The problem is that the dominant feeling will occur in the next session, so you have to actively work on you issues between sessions by actively trying to change behavior.  For instance, if you find yourself trying to be dominant with another for no evident benefit, let then have their way if no harm is likely to come from doing so.  You might feel like you are giving up a part of yourself in doing so, but do it to become a better person.  It takes three or four sessions for the chaos to settle enough for the twenty-minute intervals to become evident.  After all you have a lifetime of feelings accumulated.  After meditating for a few weeks, you are likely to have your friends comment that you are calmer and easier to be with.  So for a healthy and fruitful life, as I once saw on a bumper stickers in Berkeley, CA, “Don’t hesitate to meditate” rather than “My karma ran over your dogma”.

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