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16735Re: Description of doing nothing

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 23, 2009
      "cuno66" <cuno66@...> wrote:
      > Hello dear friends;
      > This is my first post.I read the book called I AM THAT and as far as I understand the awareness Sri Nisargadatta describes is the choiceless awareness-the art of doing nothing…or is it not??.but some words he says is sometimes paradoxical..here is one..
      > Q:How is it done?
      > M:Refuse all thoughts except one:the thought `I am'.(page 18-The self stands beyond mind)
      > Here he says REFUSE!Which is saying doing something..Does he say this for the mundanes..??but in choiceless we don't refuse anything only stay with the consciousness here and now…any comments
      > cuno
      Yo Cuno,
      Good question, We weren't there and don't know
      the language and the translation. For instance,
      perhaps he meant "don't react to" rather than
      "reject" as what he was trying to communicate
      when he used the term "Refuse". But, like everything
      in that amazing book, it's well worth meditating on.
      The real deal is one of negation "Not this, not this"
      and we then have "What IS". And it will probably take
      a great effort and perhaps many years to have this
      awareness instantly become effortless.
      And then the choices (???'s) become choice-less(!!!!!)
      Peace and blessings,
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