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16726Ramana Maharshi on Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 18, 2009
      "For the beginner meditation on a form is
      more easy and agreeable. Practice of it
      leads to self-enquiry which consists in
      sifting the reality from unreality. What is
      the use of holding on to truth when you are
      filled with antagonistic factors? Self-enquiry
      directly leads to realization by removing
      the obstacles which make you think that
      the Self is not already realized.

      Meditation differs according to the degree
      of advancement of the seeker. If one is fit
      for it one might directly hold on to the
      thinker, and the thinker will then automatically
      sink into his source, pure consciousness.

      If one cannot directly hold on to the
      thinker one must meditate on God and in
      due course the same individual will have
      become sufficiently pure to hold on to
      the thinker and to sink into absolute being.

      Meditation is possible only if the ego is
      kept up. There is the ego and the object
      meditated upon. The method is therefore
      indirect because the Self is only one. Seeking
      the ego, that is its source, the ego disappears.
      What is left over is the Self. This method is
      the direct one."

      From his book "Be As You Are" by David Goldman
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