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16724What about me?

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jul 15, 2009
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      Approaching spirituality
      Even allowing for a glance
      In that mystical direction
      Provokes an inner chattter

      What about me whines
      A second-hand identity
      There is nothing beyond
      The rational process

      The lie that slyly traps
      The wounded self is doubt
      Fear springs the trap
      Of quiet desperation

      More and more however
      There are those who hear
      The unspoken despair and
      Respond to the deep desire

      With words of inspiration
      Hugs of kind compassion
      Authentic insight supported
      By empowered mystical knowing

      There is a place beyond
      The veil of unknowing
      A startling rush of wisdom
      Waiting to take center stage

      There is a sweet sound
      Waiting to be heard
      That can be attuned to
      Within a coal-black silence

      There is an aromatic flower
      That bursts in full bloom
      Of exquisite beauty and color
      From what seems a barren desert

      There is a flow of nectar
      A thirst quenching delight
      A private label stock
      That is inexhaustible

      The me who asks what about
      Is a paper tiger fraud
      Naively posing at truth
      Unaware of its Sacred Self

      Break through the veil
      Hear the sweet sound
      Enjoy the full spectrum
      Of authentic living

      Drink from the well
      Of blissful peace of mind
      Wait meditatively
      For the Queen of Kindness

      Silence the insolent question
      Look to a higher order
      Tell what about me
      To just shut up

      One Love,