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16712Sound Meditation

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jul 2, 2009
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      Sound Meditation:

      Begin with noticing your
      breath, and being quietly
      aware of when you are
      inhaling and exhaling.

      By focusing on any sound -
      soft music, the sound of
      rain or wind, running water,
      'Om' and other 'soothing' sounds -

      close your eyes, and...

      allow yourself to gradually
      become so absorbed in the
      sound that you no longer
      are aware of following your
      breath. (This will happen
      naturally and nothing you
      have to put any effort or
      control into.)

      Just listen.

      The sound will move deeper
      and deeper inside and serve
      to settle your mind and body
      into more and more receptivity
      to the discovery of the real
      magic of meditation.

      In the eastern (India) traditions,
      sound yoga is considered to be the
      most powerful means of moving
      us to the point of transcendence.

      A marker on the way to transcendence
      is the feeling that, in an unusual
      way, we are...the music (the sound).

      This happens in a very subtle way
      and only reveals itself in the midst
      of the quietest of quiet awareness.

      There are no words to adequately
      explain what this incredibly pleasing
      rush of perception is like.

      If you try it, be patient.

      One Love,


      A side note: Sound is considered to
      be the first 'sense' that we
      develop - while still in the womb...
      and the last sense to 'leave' at
      the end of life.
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