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16710The Quiet Mind

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jun 30, 2009
      The benefits of practicing
      meditation to quiet the mind
      are many. The more obvious
      are the relaxation of the
      body that ensues from the
      moment we enter any meditation
      technique and the sense of calm
      alertness and focused attention
      that relieves stress, improves
      concentration, and enhances
      listening and comprehension
      skills, creativity and
      productivity, that comes
      with sustained practice.

      The quiet mind is more
      observant and spots opportunity
      and creative solutions, is more
      decisive and efficient in action,
      and spends much less time with the
      "should I...shouldn't I...what if..if only"
      typical of internal chatter.

      AND there are benefits that
      go much deeper. When we are
      able to settle the mind for
      longer periods of time in
      meditation (10 minutes a day
      can do it- and some people
      are comfortable with more)
      our entire body/mind/spirit
      begins to more and more
      find itself freed from any
      and all emotional burdens
      of the past (without visiting
      any of them) and recovering
      the lightness of spirit
      that we enjoyed as a child.

      Meditation moves us out
      of the time continuum into
      the freshness of the moment.

      There is a recognizable
      and unmistakable shift
      in our perception that
      brings on this lightness
      of spirit and freshness
      of perspective.

      With this shift, it is as
      if we are seeing our life
      from an entirely new vantage

      It comes out of the silence
      of a quiet mind as a sudden
      rush of new insight...

      called by one of the great

      The truth that sets us free.

      One Love,

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