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167Re: Better Late Than Never

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 18, 2002
      Thanks for your encouraging thoughts. We actually
      had a very good response from many of the School
      Board Chairpersons we contacted. We had sent out the
      Meditation In Education letter to every one of the members
      of the Great Cities School Council, which is made up
      of the heads of the 37 biggest cities Boards of
      Education. Perhaps the best response was from the Chairman
      of the Council. He was very enthusiastic in his
      reaction to the concept of having Meditation become a part
      of the curriculum in our schools. We consider it a
      seed sown that we hope will flurish and produce fruit
      soon. Right now, we're in the process of contacting
      every major newspaper and then will try to get the
      letter in every Op-Ed page or Letters to the Editor
      section of every newspaper in the country. Our thinking
      is that virtually every politician and everyone who
      could help change the content of our schools offerings
      reads the editorial pages, and perhaps this could help
      stimulate this much needed change. Other countries are way
      ahead of us in teaching their kids how to deal with
      stress. Many do it through their schools, but most get it
      right at home, as part of their upbringing. It would
      benefit our whole family structure if our kids could
      learn meditation methods in school to deal with the
      stress they face. The Meditation Society of America is
      dedicated to helping this happen sooner than later and we
      welcome any suggestions or help we can get to achieve
      this. Thanks again for your interest.<br>Peace and
      blessings, Bob
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