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16673Cruise Control Meditation

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jun 18, 2009
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      You may or may not
      have noticed that
      there is a cruise
      control switch on
      the instrument panel
      of your consciousness.

      We once used it
      all the time, when
      we enjoyed the
      lightness of spirit
      as young children.

      Then as we were
      socially disciplined
      we gradually forgot
      about the cruise
      control switch.

      And accepted that
      we must work everything
      out in our rational,
      linear process.

      The barrage of our
      own internal chatter
      kept this calculating
      consciousness mode
      on nearly constant 'On'.

      But in a reflective
      moment that flashed
      briefly through the
      stress and strain of
      daily living, an
      intuitive stirring
      hinted at something

      As we yearned for relief
      from stress, and for peace
      of mind and contentment,
      the stirring became
      more insistent.

      This stirring instilled
      a quest, and set us out
      on a search for the
      elusive 'something more'.

      Unfortunately, the
      search itself created
      its own stress and
      that kept us scanning
      without noticing or
      recognizing the cruise
      control switch.

      Fortunately, at the
      point of seemingly
      abandoning our search
      and entering a quiet
      awareness, the fog
      of forgetfulness
      began to clear.

      And one day, while
      meditating, watching
      a sunrise, looking
      in someone's eyes, or
      any number of settings
      (which are all meditative
      in some sense)...

      an experience of pure
      intuitive consciousness
      revealed the long forgotten
      cruise control switch.

      With one flick of this
      switch, new lights in
      our consciousness came
      on, and we became an
      entirely new (renewed)
      person who now lives by
      revelation and intuition.

      It's like being on
      cruise control - in
      which we are actively
      calm and calmly active,
      quietly alert, and
      productive with precision.

      We have recovered the
      lightness of being of
      a child, from an adult
      perspective. All self-
      consciousness has given
      way to Self-Realization.

      This is holistic (holy
      for theists) nondual

      enlightenment, even.

      One Love, One Light,