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16670Stink of Enlightenment

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  • dan330033
    Jun 18, 2009
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      MISHLOVE: One of the terms that has often stuck in my mind -- I think it comes from the Zen tradition -- with regard to beginners in the meditation practice, is a phrase called, "the stink of enlightenment."

      YOUNG: Yes, that's a pretty advanced topic. When you have meditated for a long time, you no longer carry with you the overt qualities of religiosity. Very often you've gone beyond that. You may know what miso is; I don't know if everybody that will hear this program knows what that is.

      MISHLOVE: Miso is made from soybeans.

      YOUNG: It's a soybean product, and it's very, very smelly. It has a distinctive odor. But in Japan they say that the highest-quality miso does not smell of miso, and the highest-quality enlightenment does not smell of enlightenment.
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