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  • dan330033
    Jun 17, 2009
      You appear to me to be talking about a self-induced hallucination as if it were enlightenment.

      From my point of view, that's one of the troubles with the word "enlightenment."

      It conjures up ideas about mystical experiences, wonderful blissful feelings that someone enjoys.

      As a result of such ideas, people often decide that they are enlightened because they've had some kind of wonderful, blissful spiritual experience.

      So enlightenment now has become a gratification for a self, rather than the end of self, which has nothing to do with having a preferable experience.

      Maybe this is why the Buddha chose the term nirvana, which refers to cessation, the ending of the flame of self, of wanting to have.

      It has nothing to do with generating images of desirable experiences that a self would want.

      Your humble servant,

      - Dan -

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea" <jeff@...> wrote:
      > Enlightenment is like a
      > fully satisfying meal.
      > To speak of it in this
      > manner is to bask in the
      > gratitude and joy of it.
      > Enlightenment is always
      > present as an undercurrent
      > once we have partaken
      > of the meal, but basking
      > is a time of excluding
      > everything else and letting
      > bliss completely...
      > completely..take over.
      > Every cell in our body
      > tingles with blissful
      > sensations - from the
      > moment our taste buds
      > awaken. Every cell from
      > our olfactory factory
      > to our blissful belly button
      > comes alive to a whole
      > new way of being in
      > the world (but at the
      > first bite, no longer
      > of the world).
      > And the tingling never
      > stops and the new way
      > of perceiving reality
      > as new every moment
      > immediately becomes
      > a permanent wave of
      > blissful being in the
      > world - as if entirely
      > alive and awakened to
      > who we truly are, for
      > the very first time.
      > This Enlightened Love
      > that we experience in
      > The Enlightened Eatery
      > at first bite tosses
      > us into an ocean of
      > bouncing bliss on an
      > endless wave of delicious
      > joy and gratitude.
      > Some say that the joy
      > is in the journey, but
      > that's like saying we
      > are fully satisfied after
      > ordering from the eatery's
      > menu. The joy is in the
      > consuming (or more accurately,
      > being consumed, in the
      > experience).
      > The joy unspeakable (beyond
      > anything words can describe)
      > truly begins with the very
      > first bite - the moment the...
      > (let's use a typical
      > Thanksgiving menu)
      > savory sweet onion casserole
      > enlightens our taste buds.
      > The comfort continues to take
      > us - as we taste the warm mashed
      > potatoes - up on a drifting cloud
      > of fluffy white wonderment.
      > A sparkle of heavenly light
      > ignites as we bite into the
      > tart cranberry sauce, and we
      > know we have merged with the
      > universal light-being. Not
      > one. Not two. Just wisdom's
      > light.
      > And so the meal goes, like
      > a meditation of taste sensations
      > that brought a sudden rush of
      > new wisdom and understanding.
      > We now know the language of
      > the heart, and the depth of
      > primary meaning within the
      > chambers of The Mystic Heart.
      > The celebration never ends,
      > and The Enlightenment Eatery
      > never closes.
      > Dessert, anyone.
      > One Love,
      > Jeff
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