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16641Stranger in Paradise

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jun 4, 2009
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      Ever feel like a stranger
      in this vast and complex
      world? The tiny speck that
      we are on the awesome canvas
      that Mother Nature has painted
      can make us seem insignificant
      and even feel lost in the bigger

      We sometimes ask, "Why am I
      here...and who am I?"

      But that singular speck
      that I am and that you are
      adds a unique dynamic to
      the whole picture, in the
      way that artists add random
      splashes of color and halations
      (outer rings around an object
      in contrasting and complimentary
      colors) to give the painting
      a visual liveliness and energy.

      We are 'here' to add our own
      unique energy to the whole
      of which we are an interconnected
      part. And, surprisingly, we CAN
      experience that interconnection,
      the wholeness, the Oneness...
      and, paradoxically, that experience
      opens the door to the pristine
      awareness of why we are here
      and who we are as a unique
      'individual' spot of color
      so necessary to the big picture.

      And the startling 'knowledge'
      that comes as a thunderbolt
      in an instant rush of wisdom,
      reveals to us how everything,
      everything, everything works

      This breakthrough insight is
      what authentic and enlightened
      teachers speak and write of from
      their own direct experiential

      The most commonly reported
      'posture' that seems to prepare
      us for this awakening is...

      you guessed it...


      One Love,

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