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16634The 100th Human - Sneak previews of The Enlightened Healer Symposium

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 2, 2009
      This Sunday at First Unity,
      Temple (that the minister's
      name, really) spoke about
      "The 100th Monkey" phenomenon.

      For those who are not familiar
      with this (and there are many
      versions - but all with the
      same core message), the story
      goes like this:

      Scientists studying the behavior
      of chimpanzee's on a couple
      of small islands off Japan
      would toss sweet potatoes on
      the sand to attract the monkeys
      (some stories say that the
      sweet potatoes were part of
      their regular diet), so they
      could watch their behavior -
      study their culture.

      One day, one of the monkeys
      dropped her sweet potato in
      the water, and liking the
      sand-free taste, taught others
      to wash their sweet potatoes.

      At the point that the 100th
      monkey washed the sweet potato,
      the entire culture went through
      a behavioral transformation, and
      washing sand off the sweet potato
      became standard practice...

      not only on the island where
      it began, but on the other
      islands as well.

      So, its about a paradigm shift
      in consciousness - when an
      awakening reaches critical mass,
      the shift occurs culture-wide.

      Chris Fenwick, author of the
      best-selling book, "The 100th Human"
      took this story of the 100th
      monkey to a human level. Her
      fictional book is about the
      coming transformation in
      global consciousness that
      enlightened teachers and
      awakened masters have been
      speaking about for centuries
      (or more).

      Chris is one of the featured
      speakers at The Enlightened
      Healers Symposium coming to
      St. Petersburg at First Unity
      Campus in October.

      If you would like, go to


      and click on 'Speak' to find
      a button 'Interview on BBS
      Radio with Jeff Belyea", a 1-hour
      radio program that I hosted,
      on which we talk about Chris'
      book...and (as they say in
      advertising) much, much more.

      One Love,

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