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16629Re: A Change of Mind - Crosspost from Mystic Heart

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 22, 2009
      Lots more of Papajeff's wisdom is shared
      in an ongoing fashion at:

      "Jeff Belyea" <jeff@...> wrote:
      > A pretty smart guy whose
      > name is synonymous with
      > 'smart', once said something
      > like, "You can't use the
      > same mind that created the
      > problem to solve the problem."
      > So, what do we do if
      > we have a problem -
      > especially a recurring
      > problem - in our lives?
      > There's no 'Returns' counter
      > where we can exchange our
      > mind for a more efficient
      > one...or is there?
      > Well, there is such a place.
      > But we typically don't go there
      > because we either have been told
      > that it doesn't exist, or we're
      > convinced that our logical,
      > rational, linear mind process
      > is the only way to solve a
      > problem.
      > Neither of those two reasons
      > are valld. There is a 'place'
      > where we can (ex)change our
      > minds...and there is a better
      > and more excellent way to
      > solve any and all of our
      > problems in life.
      > The 'place' is within us.
      > Finding the portal to the
      > Mystic Heart and entering
      > into the wisdom contained
      > there immediately trumps
      > the linear thought process.
      > The wisdom whisper from
      > the Mystic Heart 'changes'
      > our mind, our level of
      > consciousness, and opens
      > the door to what seems to be
      > an entirely new life and
      > a new mind, called by some,
      > 'the mind of Christ' or
      > Christ Consciousness,
      > Krishna Consciousness,
      > Buddhahood, Enlightenment,
      > Awakening, Self-Actualization -
      > take your pick.
      > Now, the thinking process
      > with which we are so
      > identified adamantly
      > denies that there are any
      > means beyond the linear
      > and rational process
      > available to us.
      > This 'identity' to which
      > we are typically so attached
      > is commonly called 'ego'.
      > And the ego insists that
      > there is no 'power' greater
      > than our ability to think
      > things through.
      > The ego will allow for
      > faith in something unseen
      > or the superstitious acceptance
      > of limits imposed by creed
      > and dogma, but the ego sees
      > through this blind and knows
      > that deep, deep down we are
      > often filled with dark
      > disturbing doubts about
      > the veracity of 'faith'.
      > And so the ego is not threatened
      > by faith. But...
      > When we begin to move past
      > our doubts and respond to an
      > inner stirring that tells us
      > there 'must be something more'
      > than a life of fear and doubt
      > that pops up so often - and
      > leaves most living a life of
      > quiet desperation (Thoreau),
      > then the ego is threatened.
      > If we convince ourselves (our
      > ego convinces us) that there
      > is no other way and we are
      > superficially appeased by some
      > pablum from the pulpit, that
      > may be enough to stop the
      > inquiry...for a time.
      > But if the 'problem' persists
      > and the longing for peace
      > of mind grows strong enough,
      > we will come to a point where
      > the 'search' for peace of mind
      > takes priority. And priority
      > has no plural. We don't get
      > our priorities straight. There
      > can only be one priority,
      > otherwise we've made diluted
      > commitments and as soon as
      > the ego mounts any kind of
      > defense to keep us from pressing
      > on with our search (and it will)
      > we go back to our cocoon of
      > denial about our discontent.
      > So, where is the road map to
      > the portal to the Mystic Heart?
      > This Mapquest reads:
      > Travel along Meditation Avenue,
      > and occasionally come to several
      > Loving Awareness traffic lights
      > along the way. More and more of
      > them will pop up as you continue on
      > Meditation Avenue for a time.
      > As you continue, you will notice
      > a quiet stillness set in, and you
      > most probably will hit a stretch
      > of road where the energy grid
      > seems to go out and everything
      > is dark and somewhat scary -
      > but only for a short time, this
      > time. (Usually the long and
      > extended 'dark night of the soul'
      > which has already been experienced
      > is what precipitated the search,
      > so this last ditch effort by the
      > ego is over-ridden by the commitment
      > to complete the journey no matter
      > what.)
      > This is where all but the most
      > committed searchers turn back.
      > But if you continue until your
      > come to a place of absolute
      > stillness...the lights will
      > come back on, and you'll find
      > yourself in an entirely new world -
      > a world of peace of mind, joy
      > and contentment - and a new
      > mind, capable of solving problems
      > in an entirely new way.
      > This new way cannot be explained.
      > It can only be experienced.
      > You'll know when you're ready
      > for the journey. If you want
      > a traveling companion, drop
      > me a private email. If you've
      > made the journey, I'd love
      > to read about it here.
      > Love,
      > Jeff
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