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16615How to Stop Obsessing - Neti-Neti

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 2, 2009
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      This is part of an article that appeared in
      the first Sample Issue of The Inner Traveler,
      the newsletter of the Meditation Society of America.
      The article has several meditation techniques that
      are aimed at bringing about an end to obsessing. I hope
      this will be of help to you. It is a little technique,
      but has a very big upside potential. Like all meditation
      concepts and techniques, it can only help you
      if you actually put this method into practice. Enjoy!

      If none of your usual Meditation methods work
      (to stop your obsessing), you may find comfort in
      the Jnana Yoga technique called Neti-Neti, which
      translates (from Sanskrit) as negate it, negate
      it. The idea is that you ask yourself
      several questions that will put your problem
      in its true perspective and this understanding
      will stop the obsessive thinking in
      its tracks. The first question you ask yourself
      is: Will this still matter tomorrow? Often,
      you will realize that by tomorrow, the
      problem will have been resolved and you
      need not worry about it any longer. The
      second question you will ask (if you aren't
      satisfied with the first answer) is: Will this
      matter a week from now? Then ask: Will
      this matter one month from now? Less than
      1% of 1% of problems aren't resolvable by
      then, but if you must, continue by asking if
      it will matter one year from now? Then ask
      yourself if it will matter ten years from now?
      And finally, the very esoteric question: Will
      this still matter one hundred years from
      now? Please try this ancient method. Don't
      allow yourself to be drained by needless
      negativity. Jnana Yoga is known as the Yoga
      of Wisdom and is the perfect compliment,
      and next step to Raja Yoga - the Yoga of
      Meditation. Neti-Neti has been practiced by
      people of all religions for thousands of years
      and is still used today by hundreds of millions.
      Now you have this valuable tool. Use
      it and live happily ever after.