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16606Just A Thought About No Thought

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 24, 2009
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      There is a meditation tradition that advises that we have
      a mind "like a mirror". The idea is to simply be aware
      and let incoming sensations, be they physical, mental
      or emotional, reflect off of you like it would off of a mirror.
      No ingesting, masticating, digesting, or regurgitating. Sit
      comfortably (even if standing or walking) and let the universe
      present what it will. This non-reactive "mirror" attitude
      produces a tension-less clarity whose undistracted focus
      allows for a pure attention undiminished by judgments,
      comparisons or inner chattering. This is when you segue
      from concentration to meditation to contemplation and
      transcend the attachment and identification to body and
      mind and the suffering that this delusion always inflicts.
      This may be worth reflecting on, but possibly not
      beneficial to think about.