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16541RE: [Meditation Society of America] Yet another Beginner ???

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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Feb 5 7:48 PM
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      If you want a dead simple, perfectly clear outline of how to start, borrow (library) or buy a small mass-market paperback edition of Lawrence LeShan’s “How to Meditate”.  There are a great many other useful meditation guides as well.  Jon Kabat-Zin’s “Wherever You Go, There You Are” is one you may find helpful. 

      It’s actually very simple, which is definitely not the same as saying that it’s easy.  Just do it, without worrying about whether you’re doing it “right”, & without any expectations.

      Pay full attention to the breath.  Don’t think about it.  The breath will continue without your thinking about it or trying to control it – you are not really breathing so much as you are being breathed.  When your mind starts to comment or judge or natter about something, gently & patiently bring your focus back to the matter at hand i. e. breath going in, breath going out.  Do that over & over & over & over …


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      I am just beginning to learn about mediation. Reading these forums, and taking the posted
      advice on recommended books to read. The one thing I have not as yet found is a simple,
      straight forward listing or outline of just how to start. I think it underlies just what most of
      those posting about beginners advice mean when they ask how to start. A simple A, B, C
      approach listing in laymans terms just what one should be doing to start. Do I only focus on
      my breathing to clear my mind? Do I set a timer so I know when 20 minutes are up? At the
      end do I ease myself out of my mediation or jump up and get started with my day? Any
      advice would be greatly appreciated.

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