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16540Yet another Beginner ???

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  • fatheroferos@comcast.net
    Feb 5, 2009

      Hey chuk,,i have an awesome idea...this is how it all started for myself,,,and it should answer your question for ya...ready???????????????????? just so you know my practice is in self observation taught by s.n. goenka,,and i formulated my own practice from that,,,if self observation interests you, then this email might be of help.


      yes,,,use a watch or a clock just to keep track of your progess


      sit in a chair if you like,,,nice and tall


      close your eyes and just take notice of the breathe going in and out of the nostrils...in my tradition,,,

      try to take notice of any sensation the air feels on your nostrils...do this for 20 minutes.....the point...to increase your ability to be self aware...then......................


      do a 20 minute buddhist meditational walk...( if you have to google it to know how to do it),,this will condition your mind to be aware during movement, then grab your sneakers, and go for a 10 minute  jog with the same aim in mind,,,continue to self observe all sensations..when your done with your jog,,your ability to self observe strengthens. Self observation for me is a beautiful thing......have any other questions, drop an email, i would love to help!!




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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Yet another Beginner    ???

      I am just beginning to learn about mediation. Reading these forums, and taking the posted
      advice on recommended books to read. The one thing I have not as yet found is a simple,
      straight forward listing or outline of just how to start. I think it underlies just what most of
      those posting about beginners advice mean when they ask how to start. A simple A, B, C
      approach listing in laymans terms just what one should be doing to start. Do I only focus on
      my breathing to clear my mind? Do I set a timer so I know when 20 minutes are up? At the
      end do I ease myself out of my mediation or jump up and get started with my day? Any
      advice would be greatly appreciated.

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