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16515Re: [Meditation Society of America] Anyone here familiar with the term "Walk in"?

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  • sean tremblay
    Jan 25 11:33 AM
      I have heard the term "Walk in" before. but not in that context, the way you describe it is a very different phenomenon than the way I have heard it used before.  I had heard others describe it as an "Alien" or "Other Being" possesion for lack of a better word.  And usualy this is described by folks I can best say are prone to paranoid delusion and this provides a convinient way of explaining thier feelings of Alienation (not a deliberate pun but I'll take it)
      So givin the power of words over intent I haave to confess the  first sound of the words "Walk in" set off my automatic BS detector, but this is clearly not what you are describing.  Just a heads up that by useing this term in your Mindgoal project you might be inviting the "Tin foil hat" crowd, but that might be fun also!
      And some folks think Eziekiel was talking to a space ship
      Take care

      --- On Sun, 1/25/09, Jeff Belyea <jeff@...> wrote:
      From: Jeff Belyea <jeff@...>
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Anyone here familiar with the term "Walk in"?
      To: meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 12:28 PM

      The question comes up as
      a result of a 'rune reading'
      offered yesterday as part of
      world yoga day, in which the
      reader said her sources told
      her to acknowledge me as
      a "walk in", and from still feeling
      a little buzzed from what you
      will read below:

      "You are a walk in," she said
      in a very matter-of- fact way.
      Not being familiar with term,
      the next step after coming home
      was to go the internet and
      research this term.

      A little relevant piece of
      "his story" first:

      On a July 21st, many years
      ago, at about 9:30am, while
      in the midst of an often repeated
      mantra that had been going on
      for several months, "Let me die",
      a shift in consciousness
      was experienced.

      The experience paralleled
      many reports heard from
      Near-Death Experience; the
      light being, the huge egg-shaped
      blue white light, and the
      whoosh into the very presence
      of God, total forgiveness, a
      sense of divine destiny - the
      whole enchilada. (The light being
      was considered to be the Christed
      Jesus - or rather a merged light
      being of all ascended masters -
      with Jesus being my particular
      cultural icon.

      A walk as a Christian Mystic
      began (Christian Mystic being
      an all-inclusive mysticism known
      by virtually all spiritual traditions -
      not an exclusive club that the
      train wreck that poses as the
      contemporary church presents)
      and teaching classes on the
      Mystic Heart Meditation have
      been ongoing ever since this
      seminal day.

      Included in the 'after-effects'
      of this July 21st, early morning
      shift was a sense of being an
      entirely new person (entity),
      knowing that this new person
      had been 'enlightened' in this

      On a more mundane level
      (or so it seemed), allergies
      cleared up, warts and even
      skin scar tissue from childhood
      cuts, scrapes and bruises
      disappeared. And about 30
      pounds of excess fat quickly
      'melted away'.

      Just about everything in the
      world of personal relationships,
      career, athletic ability, decisiveness,
      diet, and confidence changed (for
      the better). And there has been
      an abiding sense of living in
      perfection - an acceptance of
      all that happens 'in the world'
      as perfect - regardless of
      seeming discord.

      Also, in this shift was and is
      the 'certain knowledge' that
      this new way of being - this
      capacity to 'step into perfection'
      and live in an invincible summer -
      is the destiny of all humankind.

      OK, back to the 'walk in' thing:

      The shift and the after-effects
      have been personally attributed
      to the use of meditation techniques
      to precipitate the shift into
      a natural meditative state as
      a waking consciousness. ..

      but now...this new wrinkle.

      The 'walk in' is described,
      (closely paraphrased if not
      precisely quoted here)
      among other things, as an
      exchange of 'souls' - typically
      a result of a person who asks
      to die, giving up the 'young
      soul' they were born with in
      exchange for an 'ancient soul"
      who has been 'Christed' and
      comes into live out their
      final incarnation as a human
      being -or occupying a human

      Included in this reading was
      found the typical after-effects
      of...the complete change of
      cellular level DNA, immune system,
      and the detoxification of the
      body which the ancient souls
      has now come to occupy.

      Even mentioned were allergies
      and skin issues...as well as
      the 'choiceless obligation' to
      teach about The Mystic Path
      and the capacity for natural
      enlightenment available to
      all of creation.

      Anyone here familiar with the
      term "Walk in"?

      www.livingatwow. com

      PS: This will be cross posted
      on several groups. If you do not wish
      to respond in the group forum, my email is:
      jeff@mindgoal. com

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