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16440Can u save my life ? (am i on the verge of death ?)

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  • armaanwithu
    Dec 8, 2008
      Dear sprituals,
      This is Armaan, lover of osho facing some problems at this very
      moment. As i am not in contacts with those people regarding
      spritualism. I have had many expriences but can't explain them, i
      can only give some clues about some of them which are

      Energy which starts from the feet & ascends upwards in the shape of
      heat in whole body.

      When i sit relaxed some white energy appears which is enhanced
      particularly at the time of prayer, when all this happens i am
      frightened and the pulpitation starts and at this moment i feel that
      i shall be very soon loosing my conciousness.

      Sometimes i could not see clear ,vision is hazy only less than 30
      seconds. For one month color of my eyes has changed (black to

      Sometimes i feel that something coming out from my body.

      I seldom feel that i am on the verge of death.
      (wating your help)
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