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16435A Few Meditation Tips

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 4, 2008
      The formula is "Less words and more experience".

      To quote Kir Li Molari, "One of the best ways
      to figure IT out is to stop figuring out
      anything." But, if you find you can't stop your
      inner chatterer from figuring out everything,
      there are very efficient meditative actions you
      can take that will surely benefit you greatly
      in gaining self control and evolving spiritually.
      Whenever you witness your inner or outer
      chattering being of a nature that upsets you,
      taking your peace away, simply replace those
      thoughts and feelings with their opposites. For
      instance, if you witness yourself thinking about
      what a jerk a coworker is and feeling annoyed at
      how annoying they are, cease that line of thought
      and think of how sorrowful it must be to be such
      a negative person, and have compassion for them,
      and then beam your love and hopes for their spiritual
      growth so that they may end the suffering they cause
      others and that they too must be going through.
      And if you witness yourself being a negative person
      or doing actions that cause you or others suffering,
      have compassion for yourself and pray for your
      own spiritual upliftment. Always, in all ways look
      for your actions and thoughts to be ones of kindness,
      selflessness, and compassion. You can't go wrong
      with this game plan. You can't accrue bad karma. You
      can't have remorse if your motivations are pure
      and sweet. All that is required is to witness your
      life as it takes place. This opens the door to
      being able to effectively change your patterns of
      behavior to ones that will bring you peace. Meditation
      is a powerful tool for this witnessing to happen.
      Sitting in meditation without distractions is
      probably best at first (and often at last) for
      most people to get used to placing awareness on
      and in the present. It then becomes easier to be
      in the witness mode during active daily life events.
      At a point it becomes spontaneous and effortless
      to witness mental, physical and emotional fluctuations.
      At first you may be embarrassed at how awkward
      and inappropriate they have been and are. But soon
      you will just laugh at the ridiculous actions and
      recognize them to be just a part of a show you
      are attending. For in truth you are not your mind
      nor your body or your emotions and have no
      ownership over the way they play around. You are
      the witness to them and the creative energy
      behind them. There really is no need to judge or
      compare or comment about anything. When that
      becomes experiential and not just theoretical, you
      will be living in the now and that lasts
      happily ever after.
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