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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 3, 2008
      Below is copied part my answer to an email
      sent by someone with years of Karate training who
      has suggested that martial arts is a superior
      thing to practice than is meditation. For the
      past 45+ years that I have practiced meditation,
      I have had similar debates with others such as
      Hatha Yoga practitioners, and other "path"
      followers who do not value meditation very much.
      I do respect their feelings and opinions. But,
      biased or not, I think they are wrong...
      <start of excerpt>
      Dear P....G....,
      big snip
      ...Hatha Yoga is not intended to help you become
      more agile, or live longer, or for any other
      similar specific benefit that it may in fact
      produce. The real ancient purpose of Hatha Yoga
      is to be able to sit in meditation without the
      body distracting you with its itching, twitching,
      tensing, etc. Similarly, the main component of
      value in martial arts is not to be able to best
      someone in a fight, or even to save your life when
      you are being attacked. It is to increase you
      ability to focus and maintain a state of concentration
      that will lead to a meditative state. The "side
      effects" of these activities are usually all beneficial,
      but the best thing their practice can bring is
      meditation steadiness and clarity. Hatha Yoga and
      Martial Arts practices will end if you lose your arms
      or your legs, but meditation can and will proceed
      no matter what bodily loses occur. And with age,
      or by events, you can be sure that they will. So, I
      suggest that you maintain a meditative perspective
      when you are doing Hatha Yoga or Martial Arts, or
      anything similar. And that the practice of meditation
      is the very best thing you can do for your mental,
      emotional, and physical health and most importantly
      for your evolution in consciousness....
      <end of excerpt>

      Prior to this excerpt, and after, I further
      "sold" my opinion. But I think that for this person
      and many others, the physical results they get from
      their practice will count the most and the meditative
      aspect will not be seen, appreciated or practiced. And
      just as those who neglect their physical needs, they
      will suffer quite a loss by ignoring the value of
      an ongoing meditative practice. But all we can do
      is be like farmers and plant the seeds as well as we
      can, and see what grows.

      Peace and blessings,