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16420Very old but very wise teaching story

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 20, 2008
      A rabbi is overcome with spiritual ecstasy
      and runs up to the altar, throwing himself
      on his knees, crying,
      "I'm nobody Lord! I'm nobody! Nobody!"
      The cantor witnesses his state of humility
      and unity with the One and is so deeply moved,
      he too runs to altar yelling,
      "Lord, I"m nobody! I'm nobody, Lord!"
      The janitor mopping the floor is dumbstruck,
      and also deeply moved. Filled with piety
      and a fervent spirit, he drops his mop and
      also dashes to the altar, proclaiming,
      "I'm nobody! Oh Lord, hear me,I'm nobody! Nobody!"
      He prostrates himself beside the rabbi and cantor,
      repeating this mantrik cry. The rabbi takes
      notice, turns to the cantor, and with a gesture, says,
      "So, look who thinks he's nobody."