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  • Gwyn Plaine
    Oct 8, 2008
      A lot of Hindu sects seem to advocate it, and so did Param'hansa
      Yoganada (a lot of the SRF adhere to it too), but again not at the
      expense of health. At least, not on paper. The Order of Buddhist
      Contemplatives (a Zen order, technically of Soto Lineage, but overlaid
      with some pretty Church of England adiaphora) will not accept a monk
      who is NOT vegetarian. But then, it's the west, and there's a nasty
      aesthete thread that runs in the veins. Mortification of the flesh is
      'blessed'. But then, what can one expect from a culture whose main
      religion has a tortured man as its most recognisable icon .

      For other excesses, look again at some of the Hindu practices.

      TBH, that sort of behaviour works in getting 'mystical experience'
      simply because the subconscious hands out what you're looking for
      before you kill yourself. Basically, it's as mystical as taking LSD...

      On a seemingly unrelated issue, what blood type are you? A lot of 'O'
      type really do not do well on vegetables alone.

      On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 1:30 AM, Aideen McKenna <aideenmck@...> wrote:
      > I've done just that – went meatless for over a week. I've done it a few
      > times. I probably won't try it again – I'm getting too old to mess with my
      > innards. My digestive system is not happy at all when I go vegetarian.
      > Maybe it's because I come from a long, long line of Celts who probably ate
      > lots of mutton & potatoes. Nowadays, I eat a more plant-based diet than I
      > used to, but I doubt if I'll ever be a vegetarian – it simply does not suit
      > my body. And it does not matter. IMHO, humans have the built-in ability to
      > get in touch with the Holy Spirit within, or they can realize their
      > Buddha-nature, use any expression you like – we can ALL meditate. It's not
      > a contest, or an opportunity for one-upmanship – & it doesn't require some
      > kind of tricky bit of arcane knowledge.
      > I've never noticed that meat-eaters lose their tempers more easily than
      > vegetarians do. Adolf Hitler lost his temper a lot, I understand. (But
      > perhaps he was even crankier before he swore off meat - he didn't digest it
      > well.) The Dalai Lama nearly died when he tried to do without meat. We
      > aren't all the same.
      > The religions I'm familiar with don't advise a vegetarian diet.
      > Just do what suits you & try not to "should", because nobody likes to be
      > should upon. Smile at your good self in the mirror & love who you are.
      > Aideen
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