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  • Gwyn Plaine
    Oct 8, 2008
      Numerous things that could have been... and, as long as it was the
      whole leaf/plant as opposed to some pharmaceutical monster that only
      Doctors Frankenstein and Moreaux would recognise as related to its
      plant of origin, probably quite safe. Hazarding a guess, it was a
      Betel plant brew. It's like White Willow works in the same way as
      aspirin, but doesn't cause the bleeding stomach lining salicylic acid

      Butter/Ghee teas are more popular in the high regions of India, Nepal
      and Tibet (as far as I recall). Chai isn't proper chai unless its made
      with boiling milk instead of water and is sweetened with Jaggery (or
      raw sugar, not that processed filth that isn't a food group. Stevia is
      ok too, but then it's technically an unsweetened Chai, the Stevia
      being a part of the ingredients)

      On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 2:14 AM, sean tremblay <bethjams9@...> wrote:
      > I remember the first time I had sweet chai! It was in Malaysia and man I
      > could not get enough of it! I haven't found an equivalent in the US
      > unfortunately. But I spent all night in a bar in Kwantan drinking the stuff.
      > The next day I found an herbal shop and was offered a silver cup of some
      > foul tasting liquid for 50 ringit, I drank it in one swallow thanked the man
      > and walked on. About 3 minutes later it hit me the most incredible buzz I
      > ever had! I sure wish I knew what that stuff was! Not that I advocate
      > chemical stimulus (But you gotta try it)
      > Sean
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