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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@mindgoal.com>
    Jan 2, 2003
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      Greg and Judi -

      Semantic games are understood by me
      to be experiential. When "experience"
      is used as an active verb, you are
      correct in your erudition, and the
      referenced sensation of experience
      is necessarily temporary.

      As a noun, Mirela and I wear the crown.
      Here, experience includes direct
      participation in the event, an
      accumulated knowledge - ergo,
      an understanding.

      From the HyperDic (no comment. much restraint):

      The word "experience" has 8 different senses:

      As a Noun:

      1. cognition: The accumulation of knowledge
      or skill that results from direct participation
      in events or activities.
      2. cognition: The content of direct observation
      or participation in an event.
      3. event: An event as apprehended.

      As a Verb:

      1. perception: Go or live through.
      2. cognition: Have firsthand knowledge of states,
      situations, emotions, or sensations.
      3. perception: Of mental or physical states or experiences.
      4. emotion: Undergo
      5. change: Undergo.

      What language is this post in? English