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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 7 2:58 AM
      From an email we received yesterday:

      *Dear Bob,*

      We would like to introduce you to our
      Chicago area TV show based on discussions
      with awakening teachers.
      Currently we have posted on-line, about 40
      hours of free video interviews with 16 teachers,
      many of whom you may know and already have
      an interest in. We are growing very fast,
      and are adding videos monthly.

      *New Web Site*
      Never Not Her Image
      video we have is on our site, (which is only a
      week old), but we have been working with the TV
      show for about 18 months.

      The show is called "Never Not Here" and this is
      where you can find it:


      We are totally open to any teacher who wants
      to appear on the show, although it has been
      clear that those very established teachers
      (those with their own video crew and many DVD's)
      will have less interest than emerging teachers
      who have very few or no video tools. Certainly
      some emerging teachers will become the established
      teachers of tomorrow.

      All these videos are on Google and Viddler, and
      can be freely embedded in any other website, such
      as your own. This will be especially advantageous
      if one of these teachers is coming to your area
      and you wish to promote their meetings by showing
      what they are like.

      Also please feel free to let others in your
      circle of friends know about what we are doing.

      Richard Miller
      Never Not Here