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16248The Bhagavad Gita 15

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  • westwindwood2003
    Jun 18, 2008
      60. The wise person strives for
      perfection; turbulent situations
      though, the chaos of the day,
      violently carries away the mind.

      OK, so don't hesitate to meditate!

      61. The yogi controls the chaos of
      the day, these thoughts restrained
      and joined together. Focus on God
      and the yogi's thoughts are settled.

      The turbulent thoughts of the yogi
      are allowed to surface in meditation,
      and the calming effect of the
      meditation experience affects a
      change in the mind (this just happens
      without any attempt at control). With
      the calming, the focus can them be
      brought to God, who then brings
      wisdom allowing the thoughts to be

      62. Objects of the senses, (what
      causes the turbulent thoughts of a
      person) cause strong attachment
      because a person has the propensity
      for that particular object of the
      senses. From this attachment comes
      desire and from desire a kind of
      anger, of that is mine,

      Attachment caused by their own
      personality, or perhaps we could say
      from their previous karma gives
      material to work on in meditation.

      63. From anger comes delusion and
      from this delusion comes a forgetting
      of facts (memory of what really
      happened or how things are), and
      this loss of reason with impetuous
      behavior, results in death.

      Why am I thinking of a motorcycle
      going 110 mph on a windy country
      road? Actually, this could be most
      anything and usually results in a visit
      from a police officer, or at best
      recognition of out of control feelings
      that need to be worked on in
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