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16225Re: Back pain & zafu construction

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 3, 2008
      "Rebecca" <bexn@...> wrote:
      > Dear dhan,
      > Thank you for sharing your experience with the group. Flatulence can
      certainly be a cause
      > of great distress however it's not the cause of my back pain. My
      back pain comes from
      > two forms of arthritis. As such, my question is not the same one you
      asked previously.
      > Again, if anyone would be willing to share their preferences and
      experiences in regard to
      > their zafu's fabric and filling or suggest another tool (maybe a
      favorite stool?) that would
      > assist, I would be most grateful.
      > Thank you.
      Yo Rebecca,
      I'm not sure that you should even be considering
      a zafu or stool or anything that would challenge
      your body's arthritis. The best seat is one which
      will be comfortable enough to not be distracted
      by discomfort, but not so comfortable that you fall
      asleep. Perhaps a chair may fit your needs best of
      all. With meditation, what kind of seat your
      are on is not as relevant as where your
      consciousness is positioned. Pain, be it physical,
      mental, or emotional commonly steals attention from
      the Inner Witness posture that is the unifying
      seat of meditation. There is a point in life's
      evolution where the pain-no pain duality is
      transcended, but until then (and some say this
      degree of dispassion may take many lifetimes),
      I think it may be most advantageous to ignore
      and not follow the cliche of no pain, no gain,
      and seat your body in the easiest way for it to
      just let your consciousness flow unburdened.
      And then silently witness the events of your life
      Peace and blessings,
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