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16222Back pain & zafu construction

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  • Rebecca
    Jun 2, 2008
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      Hi Everyone,

      I am new to the group but not to meditation. I have been
      meditating for several years, usually doing walking
      meditations or using knitting as a form of meditation. I
      am starting to branch out into other forms and I'm left
      with a question that I'd like to ask.

      I usually sit on the floor when I meditate and have found that
      I'm having a hard time keeping good posture. As a result, I end
      up focusing on my back pain instead of what I've chosen for my
      meditation. I know focusing on back pain can also be a form of
      meditation but honestly, I'd rather not be in pain! I thought
      it might help to start using a zafu so I've located some
      patterns to make one. I am curious which fabrics and fillings
      people prefer. I know in the end it comes down to personal
      preference but I thought hearing others' experiences might
      help me decide which way to go. I would be grateful to anyone
      who would be willing to share their experience or offer a suggestion
      for a different tool.

      Fabric I'm considering: hemp canvas, cotton canvas, denim.
      Filling I'm considering: kapok and buckwheat hulls.
      I'm open to other suggestions as well. I also plan on double
      or triple stitching for added durability.

      Thank you.
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