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16218Weekly Words of Wisdom From Swami Satchidananda

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 17 5:06 PM
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      There is Nothing Good or Bad Outside

      "One brother says, `Whenever I come back
      to my home, I feel that I am in heaven.'
      If you ask another brother, he may say the
      opposite: `Whenever I come home, I feel I
      am in hell.' Why should the same house seem
      like hell and heaven to two different people?
      It is in their thoughts and attitudes.
      According to their mind and their approach
      to the world, things seem good or bad. There
      is nothing good or bad outside, it is according
      to our approach that we see the world the way
      we do. When I say approach, I mean according
      to the coloring of our minds. So the color must
      be removed from the mind, and that is the aim
      of Yoga. If the mind has no color at all, if it
      becomes pure; then you radiate pure light.

      "God bless you. Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi."

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